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InSource Lite

Make your next hire in 21 days.
Recruitment as a Service. Ideal for companies looking to bridge the gap with 1-2 hires

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Bespoke Solutions

We recognize that all clients are unique, and so your message, branding, and search are customised from the start.

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End to end Solutions

We bring a complete Recruitment Solution including LinkedIn Recruiter, Advertising, and existing networks. We get to work on delivery immediately.

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No hidden fees and full transparency. For InSource Lite we charge a small retainer and modest success fee on placement.

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Hire in 21 days. Receive an above industry standard Handover, all the work we've done, is yours to keep.

How it works

A Dedicated Talent Partner

Work with only experienced and specialist Recruiters.

Agency Head hunting expertise

Bring the expertise in-house and save over 40% in fees

Short term commitments

Results in 21 days.


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Flexible Solutions

See how InSource compare to Traditional Recruitment solutions in service and delivery.

InSource Raas Lite

Traditional Recruitment

Continous Delivery for 21 days

Usually 3-5 CV's per role


Updates only on success

Candidate Experience

Get in touch for InSource Lite if: 

  • ​​You have 1 to 2 key hires 
  • Your hard to fill positions require specialist head hunting
  • You need help with brand attraction for passive candidates 
  • You want to reduce agency spend by up to 46%